Who is FooDiva?

FooDiva was borne from a desire to share my culinary adventures on my travel sabbatical in Japan and China. A secret foodie, I have been passionate about food ever since I can remember – most probably thanks to my dad, and my upbringing in hotels around the world. When a GM’s daughter wants those hand cut French fries she gets it! 16 years of communications and public relations experience in Europe and the Middle East, of which 11 are in the travel industry (that’s a lot of lunches and dinners), also go some way to fine tuning my taste buds.

My days have always revolved around what’s for lunch and dinner (and the odd breakfast) – even when I was working 12+ hour days. Always remember to eat! Don’t ever take me on holiday, where food is not at the core of any itinerary. I adore discovering new eateries, whether that’s the simplicity of a cafe, the authenticity of a street joint, the glamour of a fine dining experience, or just the most scrumptious cup cake. Or even where to buy the best tea or chocolate…

Now with a little time on my hands, and with Dubai’s burgeoning dining scene, plus so many desirable destinations still on my travel wish list, FooDiva is coming to life to bring you my very own critique on where to dine, and what to eat, and in some cases where to buy it. I am Greek-Cypriot-British, based out of Dubai but never happy to sit still, I am always searching for a new quality foodie experience. Anyone that has dined with me, knows how fussy I am, so prepare yourselves for a culinary odyssey. You may also catch me cooking up a storm at home, and may get the odd recipe thrown in but don’t hold your breath!

If you’d like me to review something in particular, drop me a line on srcwood@emirates.net.ae

A bientot,

FooDiva (Samantha Wood incase you’re wondering!)



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