Ma saalama from Alexandria

10 Oct

Alexandria, October 10th, 2010: Just a quick posting before I leave Alexandria…I have to pay credit to the Four Seasons San Stefano. Those of you that have stayed with Four Seasons hotels will know why. Apart from the exquisitely luxurious product, the service is outstanding in every possible way…every hotel chain likes to lay claim to anticipating guest needs and surpassing expectations, but apart from certain boutique hotels, I have only ever seen this delivered at Four Seasons. From the team member adjusting your sun lounger just at the right moment (yes it’s a hard life I know) to handing out bottles of water as you head off on your sightseeing journey and greeting you by your name every time you enter the hotel, the team is exceptionally well trained. And I must mention the L’Occitane bathroom amenities, you certainly have me hooked.

On the F&B front, the hotel’s ‘Fish’ restaurant (OK, yes very unimaginative name) has a stunning location on a private beach that you can access by underground passage in Four Seasons style. Feast on freshly caught fish, the deep fried calamari was outstandingly tender and crunchy, or there are plenty of meat and veggie options. In the background, a lady sits baking my now daily consumption of Egyptian baladi bread. And a waiter is on hand with a blanket to shield you from the wind (I think winter has arrived!).

I will leave you with some photos of Four Seasons’ signature flower arrangements.

Until my next adventure. My surprise is very much on its way – please be patient.

A bientot.

FooDiva. x


One Response to “Ma saalama from Alexandria”

  1. hania October 13, 2010 at 11:15 am #

    you make me wanna book and get on a plane now… anywhere as long as there is a Four Seasons at the other end. I totally agree and have had the same experience at every Four Seasons (Doha, Beirut, Cairo). They just love pampering and i love being on the receiving end 🙂

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