Come Dance With Me…

12 Sep

Dubai, Sunday, 12th September: I know this update is not foodie but I wanted to share this video with my non-Dubai friends…the dancing fountains continue to mesmerise me every time I visit, especially when it’s to my all-time favourite Andrea Bocelli tune.

For those not in the know, click here to view the world’s largest dancing fountain at Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest tower!) in Dubai. Water jets shoot as high as 150 metres – equivalent to a 50-storey building.  The music is the signature piece of world-renowned Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, Con te partiro (With you I will leave), but for the Anglophones the song is otherwise known as Time to say Goodbye. Well in my case, it’s not goodbye but a bientot. Enjoy!

P.s – on a foodie note and with my Far Eastern experience still top of mind, do try out Ping Pong at Dubai Mall (overlooking the fountains of course!) for delicious dim-sum, and one of Dubai’s best tea selections. Bon appétit!


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